PJ Tucker Thinks He Spent Around $200K On Sneakers Last Year






Rockets forward PJ Tucker is what you would call a sneakerhead, to say the least. Go on his Instagram page and you’ll see that 95 percent of his posts feature product made from some factory Nike factory in China. The man just loves his kicks, so much so that he’ll switch pairs mid-game to make sure he’s always fresh on the hardwood.
The downside of being a sneakerhead? It’s an expensive ass hobby. Sure, PJ probably gets a lot of freebies being an NBA guy, but the man ponies up quite a bit to get the rare stuff. In an interview with Complex’s Matt Welty, PJ was asked just how much he spent on shoes last season. The answer may make you rage:

How much did you spend on sneakers this year?
You know what’s crazy about that whole thing with Joe [La Puma]? I had just been in New York before that and I went to Flight Club. I don’t know what happened, but I think someone just dropped off a bunch of their collections there. [I spent] double what we did on the actual episode [of Sneaker Shopping]. Guys in the the store were laughing [during the shoot], and they were like, “People don’t even know that you were here a couple of weeks ago.” It was O.G. old stuff, the stuff I had been looking at for years.
So how much?
I didn’t even look at the number this year. I’ll have to look at it during the summer.
If you had to make a rough estimate. $50,000? $100,000?
Probably close to $200K.

Before aggressively tweeting PJ for being terrible with his money, do note he recently signed four-year, $32 million deal with the Rockets last summer. Considering that his occupation is playing basketball, it could be argued PJ isn’t wasting his money — not to mention there’s probably quite a bit of resell value in his collection.
ESPN’s Darren Rovell reports he spent 5 percent of his income on shoes:

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