State Of Idaho Revokes My Brother's Friend's 'OJDIDIT' License Plate…What Has Happened To This Country? [UPDATE]

Here I thought Idaho was one of those states where they wouldn’t care if someone — a childhood friend of my brother who used to torture me — drove around the state with an ‘OJDIDIT’ plate on his white Yukon. I thought Idaho was full of people who failed to make it all the way to Alaska and settled on disappearing from society by staying in Idaho. Turns out the state must be filled with bureaucrats who don’t enjoy the thought of an ‘OJDIDIT’ plate on their roads.
The state of Idaho has pretty much cease and desist’d Ryan’s license plate and even went as far as sending him temporary tags until he replaces the OJ plates.
Here’s the message Ryan sent out via Facebook on June 13, just four days before the 24th anniversary of the Chase. I thought it was a joke so I let it go for a few days:

HELP! In a bold move to protect the no humor having snowflakes amongst us here in Idaho, the state has revoked my license plate OJDIDIT. I have talked them into waving the fee to replace it, but only have an hour to think of a good one. Here is a chance for your creativity to live in infamy on my bumpers…..

I got a continuance as the case goes before a jury. I was issued temporary tags

I think it’s in license plate supreme court

So what exactly are the rules for personalized plates in Idaho?


My guy Ryan…hiding his face because people in Idaho, for the most part, are hiding out:

Here’s the crazy part about all of this…the state has blacklisted that OJ plate, but not these:



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