Manny Ramirez Wore A $530 Yankees Gucci Hat To Rangers-Royals Game As A 'Disguise'

From the look of things, Manny Ramirez appears to be on a father-son summer baseball tour that made a stop Monday night at the Rangers-Royals game where Manny wore a Yankees hat, but the legendary Red Sox slugger has a reason for that hat. He says it was a ‘disguise’ to throw off the locals who might’ve otherwise recognized the 12-time all-star and then cause a scene.
I did a little digging and it turns out that’s a $530 Gucci Yankees hat. No joke. Manny wears expensive disguises. Manny being Manny. It helps that he shed the dreads earlier this year.

Enjoying the @kcroyals game with my son and his best friend @ryanwolf2005 Love this family @lpwolfie .Second photo Lucas with some of his teammates and with The best Coach @gar2323 🙌🏻 Tomorrow ▶Omaha

As you see in that IG caption, it appears Manny is on his way to the College World Series or a youth baseball tournament in Omaha. Looks like one of your basic family summer baseball trips where one of the dads made $200 million-plus during his working days (not counting the Taiwan money).
Not sure why I like everything about this, but I can’t get enough of the Manny content he produces without even realizing he’s producing content. Look at the second photo. Manny doesn’t go for the aisle seat. He knows that could lead to detection. Brilliant move. Not even that great of seats.
Manny being Manny.


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