Looks Like J.Lo Needs To Work On Her Launch Angle

The best celebrity relationship going on right now is Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez, right? Everyone thought this thing would flame after a couple of months, but here we are over a year later gushing over the relentless love that is J-Rod. The two can’t go a day without posting a video or photo of each other on social, and today was no different.

As a sequel to J.lo giving a history lesson on Moneyball, she and Alex hit the field on this fine Tuesday to play some baseball. Nothing too serious, just video of J.lo taking some cuts with Alex progressively getting more into it — something you may or may not want to hear:

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Launch angle by Macha @mlb @jlo

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Not one flyball! Ace Fox analyst Alex is going to have to tinker that swing to get it up to speed with the modern game.

J.lo’s tribute to Alex on Father’s Day: