Spurs Fan Wasted No Time Burning His Kawhi Leonard Jersey

via Juse Williams/Facebook
If you were out of the loop yesterday afternoon, the big news out of the NBA is that Kawhi Leonard is officially done with San Antonio and wants out. Preferably to Los Angeles.

This should come as no shock after the weird ass year he just had. He only played 9 games due to an injury, even though he was apparently cleared by Spurs doctors. Still didn’t want to play until he got cleared by his doctor in NYC. Then he made that appearance at a Dodger game after going to zero Spurs playoff games and I think that should’ve been the hint that this marriage is over.

So of course, Spurs fans are losing it right now. They’ve never been in this situation before. Someone doesn’t want to play an entire 20-year career in South Texas playing for Pop like Duncan and Manu and Parker? Burn the jersey!
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Should be the first of many. Just wait ’til the trade goes down.

While we’re on the subject…here’s a bonus Stephen A rant from yesterday

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