Lane Kiffin Will Never Pass Up An Opportunity To Shade Saban, Says Oklahoma Is A Better Team Than Bama
Look, I get what Lane Kiffin is doing here when he says that Oklahoma is a better team than Alabama. FAU plays OU in week 1, so if by some miracle the Owls can pull off an upset in that game, it would just help their cause even more towards the end of the season if (again, by some miracle) they’re in a similar position as UCF was last year. When you’re a smaller program you have to make these bigger teams look as good as possible to help yourself out.

“(Oklahoma was) #2 in the playoffs and Bama was #4 so, according to that, you’re getting a better team than Bama, so we’ll see.”

But that doesn’t mean this isn’t just as much a shot at Saban and Bama as it is praise for Oklahoma. Kiffin knows what he’s doing. Anytime he can get those subtle jabs off he’s going to take him. Pretty much since the day he left Tuscaloosa during that National Championship week in 2017, he’s been digging at Saban.

I know he signed a new deal after his first year at FAU, but nobody actually believes he’s staying there long term, right? I’m just counting down the days until he has another SEC job and goes head to head against Saban. That postgame handshake will be must-see TV.

Lane Train keeps rolling

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