(Allegedly) Drunk 19-Year-Old Macayl Kunkle Turns In A Classic DUI Mugshot

Welp, I have bad news for 19-year-old Macayl Kunkle — bro, your DUI mugshot will live on well into your retirement years on Google Image Search. I’ve told the youngsters out there time and time again…those classic mugshots will be used by websites and message boards well after that night where you (allegedly) got rocked and did 100 mph on I-90.
The job interviews are going to be awkward once the human resources lady starts doing her Google searches. That’s why I’d recommend Macayl just go into the bar business. Sling drinks, make a few bucks, put them away and buy your own bar. You don’t want to be getting some desk job where it’s awkward every time you go in for an interview.
From WIVB:

According to authorities, Macayl  Kunkle, 19, drove by a deputy while on the highway in Hamburg.
Kunkle was stopped and given field sobriety tests, which deputies say he failed. According to the Sheriff’s Office, Kunkle’s blood-alcohol content was more than twice the legal limit.
He and his 15-year-old female passenger were taken to the North Collins substation. The girl was picked up by a parent.
Kunkle faces 13 charges, including aggravated DWI, reckless endangerment and drinking alcohol in a vehicle on a highway.

This news and the MUGSHOT haven’t even hit Facebook yet. Bro, this is going to get real WILD and I mean fast. That mugshot is going to go viral so fast it won’t even be funny.

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