Baltimore Bar Offering Customers Free Shots When Chris Davis Records A Hit

The days of Chris Davis being a long ball threat every time he steps up to the plate are long gone. Just two seasons removed from being a five-win player, Davis has become the bane of Orioles fans’ existence, striking out pretty much every game — seriously, he’s gone down looking/swinging in 49 of the 57 games he’s played in this season. Oh, and he’s also the owner of the worst contract in baseball, toppling Albert Pujols, with $92 million left on his deal over the next four seasons.
It’s gotten so bad for Chris that Bartenders Pub in Baltimore is offering patrons free shots every time he gets a hit. They announced promotion on their Facebook page on Tuesday:
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The Baltimore Sun has details on the drink:

Bartenders Pub at 2218 Boston Street is offering customers free Dr. Pepper shooters for every hit Davis gets. The drinks are a mix of amaretto and Miller High Life beer in Pony bottles and are called Dr. Pepper shooters because they taste like the soft drink.

Sounds exciting, then you remember Chris is hitting way below the Mendoza Line at .150 and has like three hits this month. But who knows, maybe he’ll get “hot” and go on a little run to get Orioles fans all boozed up.

Please, someone, give Chris Davis his powers back:

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