Rough Weekend For De'Aaron Fox… Some Hooligan Smashed A Window On His Tesla

NBA players. They deal with the same nonsense as us normal folks, sometimes. Case in point: Kings star De’Aaron Fox was out and about in his Tesla on Sunday — probably not going to In-N-Out — and uploading videos of himself lip-syncing on IG story. Sounds like a normal day in the offseason, but things took a disappointing turn later when he found one of his car windows shattered.
WTF, indeed:
via swipathafox/Instagram Story
Obviously Fox, the fifth pick in the 2017 draft, has the money to take care of this annoyance easy, but that’s besides the point. No one ever wants to go into the shop for anything that isn’t a custom job. And this isn’t just some dumpy ride either. The Tesla is the first thing he bought with his rookie deal according to a Rolling Stone interview.
Sidenote: He didn’t buy one to conserve the environment.

Was it because you just like the Tesla or was it an environmentally conscious decision?
No. Well, all I know is I’ll die before this earth is uninhabitable, so it isn’t about about the environment. [Laughs]

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