JR Smith Posts IG Tribute To Shirtless Swaggy P


You probably remember the ‘Summer of JR’ after the Cavs won the 2016 title. LeBron might’ve gotten Cleveland its first ring since before the Super Bowl era, but the summer was all about JR Smith celebrating a championship. Henny for days, no shirt for what felt like weeks. It was JR’s world and we were all living in it.
This year it’s Swaggy P’s turn. JR and Swaggy are both cut from the same cloth. They like to party, they LOVE heat checks probably more than anybody in NBA history. They’re basically the same person. These two easily could’ve switched teams this Finals and we would be sitting here with the same result.
So it feels right that JR gave a shout out to shirtless Swaggy today. Instead of the ‘Summer of JR’, we are about to embark on the ‘Summer of Swaggy’. He knows what’s about to be in store for this guy. Yeah, the old heads will call today’s NBA soft for a loser shouting out his opponent days after getting swept. But I love it, I don’t care one bit.

I expect nothing less than a shirtless Nick Young drinking Moet straight from the bottle at least until free agency starts.


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