LeBron Is Officially Fed Up With ESPN's Mark Schwarz

How many times can one reporter get dunked on by a player at the post-game podium in one NBA Finals? We’re about to find out thanks to ESPN’s Mark Schwarz. I hope this series avoids a sweep just so we can see Mark show up to a LeBron presser and get emasculated in front of the nation after another dumb question. If you’ve watched ESPN at all over the last – I don’t know – 30 years or so, you’ve seen Schwarz around. He’s been a reporter forever.
LeBron HATES this guy. Just based on the two or three interactions they’ve had so far in these Finals, it’s evident Bron would like to ball Mark up and stuff him in a locker. He asked a weird question about JR Smith to LeBron after game 1, which ended with LeBron just getting up and leaving and also telling Schwarz to “be better tomorrow” like a disappointed parent.
Last night, he was back and asking more question’s about the mind and being inside your head. Bron didn’t leave this time around, he just kept it extra passive aggressive and called Schwarz a psychiatrist. Now that the Warriors are unbeatable, the next best NBA beef we have going right now is LeBron vs. Schwarz. Almost as entertaining as this series.

LeBron leaving after Schwarz’s Game 1 question

And the follow-up “be better tomorrow”

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