Kevin Durant Held Back From Confronting Heckling Cavs Fan At The Warriors Team Hotel

So this video of Kevin Durant being “held back” from a heckling Cavs fan in Cleveland last night is going viral today. I put “held back” in quotations because let’s be honest here, was he going to go over there and fight this fan? No, no he was not. He turned around and somebody stood in front of him before he eventually walked away.
What we have here is just a butthurt Cavs fan who just watched KD unzip his pants and drop his hog right on the Cavs logo in center court.  So he decided to post up and heckle him after Durant did this to him yet again.

With that said, can we talk about the insult for a second? I can’t say I’m surprised that Durant got triggered by this lame ass burn the fan came up with. “UT’s Butt”? That’s all you had? This guy had so much time to come up with something that actually cut deep and that’s what he settled with. Cleveland is struggling in all facets of this series. 
Luckily, it turns out all you have to do is trash the college KD went to for one season before he’s turning around to come after you. Really, everyone looks bad here. The fan for waiting outside the hotel only to drop such a bad burn and KD for actually responding to it. Sad that such a killer on the court can get triggered so easily.

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