Meet Dodgers Fan Daphne…She's Also 50 Cent's Baby Momma

You guys know the deal with IG model sports fans around these parts. From now until the end of the internet, hot sports fans will always play. It’s the kind of content dudes who have to sit in a cube on for 8 hours on the first day of June crave. Gotta have something to pass that time and it sure isn’t going to be talking to co-workers. This is why Rockets fan Amanda blew up so much last week, just for example.

So of course, when BC Joe came across Daphne on IG today, he sent her profile right over to me so we could start cranking out some pageviews on a slow Friday afternoon. A perfect opportunity to introduce another hot, IG model sports fan to a bigger audience. After doing some research, it turns out she’s actually 50 Cent’s baby mama, so I think she’s exactly hurting for a bigger audience.

Daphne Joy and an American rapper, 50 Cent enjoyed a relation from February 2011 to October 2012. Daphne even got pregnant and had a baby boy named Sire, born in 2013 with the rapper. The ex-boyfriend 50 cent is currently single.  He is currently busy with his album “Street King Immortal.”

She also apparently had a cup of coffee with Jason Derulo. Shows how much these two white guys know about rap game relationships.
So we’ll stick with the Dodger fan angle today. She grew up in Los Angeles after moving from the Philippines at a young age, so this isn’t some model moving to LA and all of sudden becomes a Dodger fan. She was raised in it, been through thick and thin. Maybe they can make another run and we’ll see her at a World Series game in October.

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