Jessica Weaver Is Another Tatted Arm IG Model, Sideline Reporter Double Bubble Shower & Donovan Mitchell Cleaning Up?

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wish you were beer!

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The Memorial all afternoon and then Cavaliers at Warriors at 9 on ABC. That’s right, it’s going to be a midnight ending. Going to be late, but it’s the Finals and you have to be all-in at this point. DRAMA CITY. You’ll also get the softball World Series. And the French Open. Remember when the French Open was a big deal and not on the Tennis Channel all day? That’s how far tennis has fallen off the map. And here’s a major upset…ESPN will put the Spelling Bee up against the NBA Finals.
Jessica Weaver for those of you who like your IG models with tatted arms
Donovan Mitchell cleaning up Ben Simmons’ sloppy seconds?
Yankees sideline reporter gets showered with Double Bubble
Ben Simmons cheated with Kendall? OMFG….IT’S ALL HAPPENING
Insane bounce on a wild pitch…WATCH THIS ONE!
Florida Man tries to rob a store with finger guns…that’s right, his fingers
Watch the hustle from this local TV news photog out of Des Moines, Iowa
Here’s Nik from FSU

The Detroit Tigers Now Have A Rally Goose Video of the Century

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