Nice Guy Jermaine Gresham Saves Student From Missing Flight

Sometimes Twitter isn’t a total cesspool of racism and horrible political/sports takes. Case in point: Jermaine Gresham did Arizona State student Delilah Cassidy a huge solid today, saving her from missing a flight by covering a carry-on fee instituted by American Airlines.
Delilah, who had no idea it was Gresham at the time, detailed her plight and how the Cardinals tight end bailed her out of a traveling nightmare in the following thread:

Two hours later, Delilah finally realizes who the good samaritan was:

Gresham signed a nice four-year deal with the Cards back in 2017 so he can shell out $50 easy, but the point still stands, he helped out someone in a tough situation when he didn’t have to. As an added bonus, he’s receiving some positive press for the gesture. Only wins in this story, sans AA’s cash grab.

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