Jay Cutler Had a Fun Memorial Day Reading Kristin Cavallari's IG Comments






Jay Cutler’s second attempt at retirement seems to be going swell. Fresh off banking $10 million from the Dolphins, he’s set to become a breakout star on Kristin Cavallari’s reality show (“Very Cavallari”), and he probably has a spot in a Fox broadcasting booth waiting for him barring another moronic NFL team shelling out millions to have him start. As you might remember, he’s not interested in that clipboard life.

As for Jay’s holiday weekend, it looks like he spent time with the family and helped provide content for everyone’s favorite IG account, @ifjayhadinstagram. Here is the man himself randomly giving a reading of Kristin’s Instagram comments — sadly without a cig.
[protected-iframe id=”6db48bc9961e8f507e064d291891b6dd-22577676-53282995″ info=”https://streamable.com/s/syhs4/xgskly” width=”338″ height=”600″ frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen=””]
If you’re wondering what that first commenter was all riled up about, Kristin made a tame joke about killing a chicken for a future meal. Some people out there really do need to get a grip.


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