Anyone Need An Ohio State Fire Truck?

via Craigslist
There always comes a time when tailgating to football games becomes more chore than jovial extended eight-game fall tradition. For one Ohio State fan, reality has hit, and that means bidding farewell to his Ohio State fire truck dubbed the “Fire Buck.” The seller says he’d rather sell than use it sparingly during the season, which means this can be yours for the 2018 and beyond. $5,000 gets it done.
via Craigslist
From the ad:

The time has come to part ways with my tailgating behemoth, better known as The Fire Buck. After many years and thousands of dollars, I don’t really have the time any more for the dedication this takes to tailgate at all of the games. I have been told I should only do Big Ten games, or maybe only do a few here and there. While that sounds perfectly logical, I don’t want the truck to go to waste on me only using it a couple of times a year. Since its inception, I have involved it in tailgates, birthday parties, patio parties at BW3, charity events, parades, and much much more. I have literally put blood, sweat and tears into this truck and it is bittersweet that I will be parting ways with it.

The seller notes he put $30,000 of his own money into the truck, so it appears he’s being quite reasonable. He’s also upfront about there being a potential issue with the batteries, but is willing to cover that as well if he sells above the minimum $5,000.
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