Roger Clemens' Son Kody Cranked A Walk-off Home Run Last Night For Texas

We like to check in on Rocket every now and then to see what he’s up to and it’s usually him destroying some karaoke or bring the frosted tips back. He’s been crushing the retired life now that he’s been out of the spotlight for a while.

But today we’re not talking about Rog’, but rather his son Kody, who had probably the best game of his college career last night. He put up a nice 3-5 with a double and two jacks line, along with this walk-off tank. Keep in mind, he’s totally clean.

So if you expected the Clemens lineage to end with Rog, we’re probably going to be seeing a couple more make their way to the show in the near future. One of his sons, Kacy, got drafted by the Blue Jays last summer, so he’s on his way. Now we have the youngest in Kody here, who I’m guessing will get drafted again (the Astros snagged him out of high school, but he decided to follow dad’s footsteps to UT) this year.
He’s been tearing it up this season, to say the least. Those two bombs last night out him at 18 for the year. Look forward to seeing the Clemens bros in the bigs. Just means more Rocket in our lives.

Go ahead and take a look at his numbers

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