I've Seen No Doubt Home Runs Before…This Is A No Doubter

According to FTW, this is from a┬áJefferson College (Mo.) 7-4 win against Crowder College┬áin a Region XVI Championship game over the weekend in Joplin, Missouri. That doesn’t really matter here. What matters is that pitcher┬áRoss Carver gave up one of the biggest bombs you’re ever going to see one pitch after sending one 20 feet over the hitter’s head.
This is just a great strategy out of┬áJoey Polak at the plate. You know the pitcher just wants to get one over the plate after a breaking ball sailed that high into the net. Count is 3-2. Sit fastball. Definitely sit fastball middle to outer part of the plate. He’s not coming inside. Not after sailing one. Guy’s confidence level is shot.
Speaking of shot…holy hell Polak got all of that one. Yeah, it’s gone.


And there it is…the champs are taking home a plaque:


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