Vladimir Guerrero Jr.'s Latest IG Post Has People Wondering If He Got the Call

Did Blue Jays uber prospect Vladimir Guerrero Jr. finally get the call? That’s what baseball fans are currently losing their minds over after he took to IG to post two photos of himself at JFK Airport. The Blue Jays begin a two-game series against the Mets in New York Tuesday, so it sure seems like he broke the news of his own call up, right? RIGHT?
Not exactly. Scroll down on Vlad’s IG page for a bit and you’ll see he posted the same photos back in December of 2017, which leaves everyone wondering what the **** is going on here. Is Vlad Jr. really messing with us right now?


The answer, sadly, is yes. His teammate, Connor Panas, recently posted a photo of Vlad Jr. taking a photo with a fan in airport. He’s wearing white shoes and a hoodie as opposed to the black sneakers/shirt combo on IG.

UPDATE: Vlad deleted the post. He won’t be with the Jays tomorrow… probably.

Obviously Vlad Jr.’s ascent to the bigs is just a matter of time at this point. He’s slashing an absurd .397/.447/.645 in Double-A and is making headlines for hitting dongs off hotels. If we are lucky he will be up and terrorizing the Yankees and Red Sox very soon.

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