Kara Del Toro Destroys A Beach, Finebaum Caller Suggests Firing Saban & Nebraska Slugger Admires Massive Dong


Warriors at Rockets night. The NBA needs a game that’s better than what the Cavs turned in on Sunday. This one is on TNT so it’ll probably be an instant classic. You’re running out of chances to watch the TNT studio crew in action so soak it up. That’s at 9 tonight. You’ll also get Golden Knights at Jets at 8 on NBCSN.
Kara Del Toro destroys a Mexican beach
Stormy Daniels attorney out & about with Christie Brinkley…this guy is having an incredible year
Things got LIT AF at a Euro soccer match this weekend and I mean LIT AF
Finebaum caller suggests firing Saban in 2020
Nebraska guy hits monster dong, admires it, Erstad’s PISSED OFF
This Florida Man bites dog’s ear to establish dominance
Uhhhh, looks like it’s still TV ratings SZN
Here’s Clarissa from Maine

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Kimberley Garner Looks Ready For A Saturday, MiLB Pitch Off The Face & Buy Eddie Murray's House
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