Gronk's Celebrating His Birthday By Watching His Girlfriend Camille Kostek Shake Her Ass In Jamaica

Today is Gronk‘s 29th birthday and from what I can tell, the guy had himself one helluva weekend with SI swimsuit model girlfriend Camille Kostek at some resort in Jamaica where the two barely wore clothes, ate a bunch of fruit and probably munched on kabobs.
These two have been spending quite a bit of time together, way more than in previous years when Gronk was busy Being Gronk. There was the indoor pool time back in April and now this birthday Gronk-cation. 
The big question this weekend from fans who clicked the living day lights out of our Saturday post that I ordered Danny the Intern to post: Is Gronk on some sort of Bron Bron summer diet or something that Tom Brady’s health guru has ordered up?
He’ll be fine. I know Gronk. He’s probably burning thousands of calories banging away in that heat. #TEAMJB FOR LIFE!

What a birthday! Enjoy it now Gronk, because once they taste that wedding cake it’s all over

via Camille Kostek/IG
via Camille Kostek

Gronk on the camera:

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