Kimberley Garner Looks Ready For A Saturday, MiLB Pitch Off The Face & Buy Eddie Murray's House

This is one of those days where there’s nothing really on, but there are actually quite a few things on type situations. The Players is on. Tiger’s still alive. The Grand Prix of Indianapolis is on ABC. That should get you ready for the 500. Of course there’s also a bunch of baseball to fake care about. And isn’t there a big UFC fight night? I stopped caring about those PPVs. ESPN has boxing at 8 and HBO counters with a Saturday night boxing doubleheader.
Kimberley Garner in her Saturday lunch attire
Minor leaguer takes a pitch off off his face
Cowboys WR Cole Beasley is serious about this rapping thing
Chris Baker goes to Caps-Lightning & Lightning fans aren’t going to give that guy any shiit
This woman has sued CBS Sports for workplace harassment
Buy Eddie Murray’s California house…it’s MASSIVE
This Florida Man pulled out his plastic badge & acted like he was the fuzz
Here’s Ali from Florida

I Need To Start Letting Little BC & BC3 Do This Around The House Video of the Weekend

Burger of the Day

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