Jenny Dell Looking For That SI Swimsuit Gig, Marlins Man Flips Off The Camera, Plus A Homeless Guy Stays Honest


You’ll never see Brady do this…

Oh, just Blake Bortles thwarting a little grand theft auto a couple of nights ago. From TMZ:

It all went down late Wednesday night … Blake and Jags lineman Chris Reed were all at a party at the Jacksonville Beach home of offensive lineman Brandon Linder when they noticed a strange young man skulking around the house.

Once the guys realized he wasn’t an invited party guest … they tracked him down inside the home, stopped him and called police.

This is where things got crazy … cops checked the surveillance video from the home and saw the man walk up from the street and get into Blake’s black Ford F-150 truck, which was unlocked with the keys inside.

Footage allegedly shows the suspect stealing Blake’s wallet — and then attempting to leave with the truck … but he was boxed in by other cars and couldn’t get out.

This is fresh off that brand new contract and all. Still a common man, just $54 million richer.

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