Let's Check In On James Harrison's Retirement

I just wanted to do a quick check in to see how recent retiree, James Harrison, is enjoying his downtime. I’d imagine he took the family to some tropical locale, stayed out of the weight room for longer than 12 hours, and has just all around enjoyed his first time off in around a decade-plus. Maybe smashed a participation trophy or two.
But NOPE. James is still doing the damn thing like he’s preparing to be an every down linebacker next season. Just continuing to reinvent the workout game in ways we’ve never seen before. I know James says this retirement is the real thing, unlike his first retirement back in 2014 when he returned to Pittsburgh a month after announcing it and became a Pro Bowl player again. But I probably won’t believe he’s retired until he’s dead. Then I think we can officially be sure that some team won’t try sign this monster halfway through the season after a few injuries.



Just your typical workout for a guy who claims to have zero plans to play again. The thing is, if he actually is done for good, Harrison is the type of guy who will still be doing these workouts into his mid-50s. It’s part of the routine for him. I don’t think he’d know what to do with himself if he couldn’t smash some leg presses at 5:30 am.


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