New York Strippers Tell Matt Harvey It's Time To Tone It Down

Submitted: Vivid Cabaret
The Cincinnati media was a little turned off today by the way the New York media characterized the Queen City re: Matt Harvey headed to a quiet(er) city where he can get back to worrying about pitching instead of partying his ass off. Turns out it’s not just the New York media that thinks a quiet city would do Matt some good, the New York strippers also see this as a new lease on life for the righty.
Vivid Cabaret sent word this afternoon that the leggy ladies at the midtown Manhattan hot spot are offering up Matt some advice on how to handle this lifestyle change.
From the Vivid Cabaret press office:

The NY Mets have traded Matt Harvey to the Cincinnati Reds, and the exotic dancers at Vivid Cabaret in New York, the midtown Manhattan gentlemen’s club that has the city’s tallest stripper pole and is a favorite spot for celebrities and pro athletes who like to make it rain on the gorgeous topless entertainers, have some advice for the pitching sensation.
“People say that your off-field antics and last-night partying are the cause of your poor play. I love to party too, but Dude, tone it down a bit!” said Vivid Cabaret NYC Girl Kelly.
“I wish I could live a non-stop party lifestyle, but every now and then I take a night off,” explained Vivid Cabaret NYC Girl Honey.
Vivid Cabaret NYC Girl Kendra agreed. “You’ve got to do a little less burning the candle on both ends and a lot more working on your pitching mechanics!”
Vivid Cabaret NYC Girl Fiona had a different view. “Don’t worry what others think, go out and have a good time. Don’t change your lifestyle. Being happy is more important than getting some good stats. You are already rich!”
Vivid Cabaret NYC Girl Tina offered some positive thoughts. “I wish you well. You are being given a second chance and playing for the Reds is a great opportunity. You were once incredible, and you can be again.”

Look, the reality here is that Matt will have plenty of time to party his ass off once he concocts some sort of injury that gives him tons of free time away from the Reds. It’s coming. He’ll also have plenty of money (Matt’s making $5.6M this season) to impress the NYC IG supermodels once the season ends in September. He won’t have to worry about the Reds ever making the playoffs in the Central.
If he plays it cool and puts together a decent run this summer, some team is going to throw $12-14M a year at this guy. Now it’s his call if he cares. The strippers will be watching.

Submitted: Vivid Cabaret
Submitted: Vivid Cabaret

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