Report: Blake Griffin and Kendall Jenner Are Through?

It may be just another ordinary sh—y Monday for most of you, but if you’re a Pistons fan it’s practically Christmas. Head coach Stan Van Gundy — noted below average coach, even worse GM — finally got the boot, which means the Pistons are in the market for someone who can make the most out of this Blake Griffin-Andre Drummond core. And speaking of Blake, Page Six reports he has “moved on” from Kendall Jenner.
That’s right. SVG and the Kardashian stench all ridden of in one day! Maybe.
From Page Six:

NBA star Blake Griffin is hitting the town following his public relationship with Kendall Jenner.
The new Detroit Piston was spotted chatting with actress Shay Mitchell in the back room of Carbone on Friday during a private event and was seen Thursday at Tijuana Picnic downtown.

Blake and Kendall also ignored each other (reportedly) at a Coachella party last month, so the dissolution of their relationship might be legit.
Now I hate to rain on the Blake-Shay Mitchell romance, but the actress took to Twitter to say she’s never met him:

We’ve included a gallery anyway just in case she’s fronting — her IG is filled with so many tasteful shots that it would be a crime not to.

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