Ohio Man Travel Baseball Coach Goes After Parent With Aluminum Bat At Indianapolis Tournament

Welcome to what I, as a parent, consider a living hell: a Sunday at some select baseball tournament in Indianapolis where a bunch of bro-dads act like they hit .275 for the Cubs back in the day. I need to say this to parents again…your kid isn’t going pro. Grab some headphones, some weed, go into the woods, smoke a J, chill TF out and pray that the game ends early so you can go home and sit under a tree and smoke more weed.
This video allegedly features the head coach from the Cincy Flames — same baseball program that produced Kyle Schwarber — going TF off on a parent at the Indy Super NIT Tournament.
Chris McDonald recorded what happened this weekend in Indianapolis:

In all my years of Youth Sports Never in my life have I seen a Head Coach (Cincy Flames) come after a parent with 1 of his 13U Baseball Players Bats our of the Dugout to the left. In front of all these boys that he is suppose to be teaching & training to not only be good Ball Players but Good Young Men as well. INSANE! APPALLED!!!! This should go VIRAL! But on a good note Canes are in the Championship Game. Go Canes!!!

The “Paul is coming with a bat” seems to reference Paul Melvin, Flames head coach. He’s listed on the team’s page as the head coach. It seems as if Paul has had a difficult 2018 with parents. He posted this back in March. The Cincy Flames seem to be in disarray.

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