James Harden Has Donovan Mitchell All Triggered

It appears four games of trying (and failing) to contain James Harden has broken Donovan Mitchell. One can only go so long defending the master referee baiter before losing it, and Mitchell finally succumbed after Sunday’s Game 4 loss with a mini outburst while walking back to the locker room.
“That’s what he needs to be fβ€”ing MVP. Fβ€”k it,” cried Mitchell.

Sounds like someone rationalizing all the Ls Utah has been catching in this second round. And as far as the fouls go, Utah actually shot three more free throws than Houston while Harden took just eight. A high number for sure, but if Harden really tried he could get 15 easily β€” he’s that good at trash basketball. He’ll probably do it in the closeout game just for Mitchell.

Harden has the foul game all figured out:

Sidenote: In case you are wondering, Ben Simmons did not like that tweet of Mitchell venting. He obviously has bigger issues at the moment with the Celtics and his shot.

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