49ers Fan ALL IN On The Jimmy G Era Gets Garoppolo's Face Inked On His Arm


I’ll never get enough of NFL fans who get NFL ink. Nobody is more pure than these psycho fans who actually permanently ink their bodies with their team/favorite player. We can never have too many guys like Titans superfan Mitch Firkins. We’ve literally dedicated an entire post filled with a giant gallery of these tattoos and even after that, I still get juiced up when I see another fan make this kind of commitment.

Even earlier this week we had a Broncos fan who went the other way and got an Eagles logo tatted on his leg because he hates Tom Brady that much. He added a “FYTB” for good measure and I’m sure you can figure out what that means.

That brings me to this latest tat brought to my attention from the guys at Sports Gossip. We have a 49ers fan here who clearly saw enough of Jimmy G last year in his 5 starts to get this “The Chronic” inspired tattoo right there on his left bicep for the world to see.


It’s a truly outrageous tattoo, but I’m going to defend it. He’s 5-0 in five starts and the Niners made him the highest paid QB in the league before Matt Ryan took it over yesterday with his extension. Sounds like all the confidence that you need in a guy in order to pull the trigger on this.

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Kentucky LB Kash Daniel Choke Slams Some Urlacher Punk Through A Table #BillsMafia Style