Here's A Look At All The Weak Calls LeBron Got During Game 7

To say LeBron James was the beneficiary of some questionable calls during today’s Game 7 against the Pacers would be quite the understatement. NBA refs clearly got the memo there’s no way in hell LeBron can get ousted in the first round, and gifted The King every foul he desired.
The zebras started early by hitting Lance Stephenson with both a personal foul AND technical foul for contesting a LeBron layup. As you can see below, Lance slightly hit LeBron in the head, which is obviously a big NO NO:

Also tasked with defending LeBron was Bojan Bogdanovic. He defended a post move so well that LeBron lost his balance, but not in the eyes of one ref who blew the whistle knowing damn well LeBron needs this:
Poor Bojan would get whistled again in the third quarter when he hulked out and sent LeBron flying to halfcourt:
Remember that “clean” block LeBron made on Victor Oladipo during Game 6? That’s a goaltend when it’s LeBron shooting the ball:

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