Florida Man County Commissioner Arrested For Housing, Feeding, Paying For Prostitute & Pimp Husband To Live With Him

via Hernando County Sheriff’s Office
Welp, here it is…the Florida Man Story of the Week and it’s just Tuesday night. This one is a little hard to follow along with so hang in there, it’s good. Florida Man county commissioner is accused of paying for sex with a woman who was living at his house along with her husband. County commissioner guy allowed the married couple to live with him and threw in some food and what have you.
From WFTV.com:

The charges followed an alleged domestic dispute in February between Kendel Surette, 33, and Valerie Surette, 30, who were living at Nicholson’s home in Spring Hill. Kendel Surette told deputies that Nicholson had housed and fed the couple for six months; in exchange, Surette said, Nicholson had sex with his wife on Tuesdays and Saturdays, according to court records. Nicholson paid the Surettes $100 every Tuesday and $200 every Saturday, the Times reported.
Kendel Surette also told deputies that Nicholson allowed his wife to have sex with other clients on a mattress in the commissioner’s garage or in a car in the driveway, the Times reported.
Nicholson said in February that he met Valerie Surette at Icon Gentlemen’s Club, where she was a stripper. He denied having sex with the woman.
“She keeps me company,’’ he told the Times. “I’m just a nice guy, so they just took advantage of me.’’

This all heated up in February when cops ended up at County Commissioner guy’s house for a domestic between Kendel and Valerie. Here was County Commissioner guy just trying to get some poon and the married couple had to go and get the cops called. Now here he is trying to defend himself against charges he was paying them to bang Valerie twice a week.
By the way, that’s one helluva surcharge to bang on Saturday nights.

Now let’s get a good look at Kendel:

Here’s Valerie:

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