Nate McMillan Nearly Tore Up His Knee While Arguing For a Foul Call

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Would you be surprised to learn LeBron James got away with a blatant shove of Lance Stephenson during tonight’s game? Of course not. LeBron is the face of the NBA while Lance is… the guy you mostly know for blowing into LeBron’s ear. The refs are going to back Bron Bron every single time.
That, however, didn’t stop Pacers head coach Nate McMillan from arguing on his player’s behalf. With Lance on the deck, Nate got a little animated and was ready to go off on a zebra when his tirade came to a sudden halt:
A better look at Nate’s close call with a potential knee surgery:

Pro tip, Nate: Don’t waste your energy on Bron Bron. He already gets away with everything, you might as well save your technical foul for something worthy.

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