Brandon Marshall Seems A Little Threatened By Dez Bryant

Dez Bryant may want to join the New York Giants just to spite the Dallas Cowboys, but there’s at least one person on the roster who isn’t down with that idea — Brandon Marshall.

Marshall, who’s only been on the team one season and missed most of it due to injury, took to Instagram story recently and told Dez, “Sorry baby bro no room.” He even directly mentioned Dez in the story, but later deleted it after realizing far too late this will be a storyline for all the talking heads on Wednesday:

Brandon Marshall posted this on his IG story this morning. I took a screenshot of it but didn’t think it’s much of a big deal. Now I see it’s been deleted. So take this however you like.

— NFL Update (@MySportsUpdate) April 17, 2018

The good news for Marshall? The Giants don’t have the money room for him. The bad news? This story might go viral again in a few weeks if the Giants decide to cut Marshall and sign Dez, which is a plausible scenario. Rotoworld notes the Giants can save $5.16 million by getting rid of him.