Coachella Girls Invade IG, Kindy Myers Shoots Some Guns & Cubs Fans Dump ‘Em Out

Here’s something you don’t want to hear if you’re Baker Mayfield…

Ryan Leaf comparing himself to you. From NYDN:

He believes former USC quarterback Sam Darnold has the tools to evolve, but sees some of his past self in Mayfield.

“A good litmus test for me is always when I listen to radio interviews or TV interviews, I tend to close my eyes and just listen to the voice, and hear the answer. I always say, ‘if it sounds like the 1998 version of Ryan Leaf, there’s definitely a red flag that needs to be raised there,” Leaf said.

Just try and avoid fighting reporters and I think he’ll be fine.

Numbers from:

Scenes from Sin City: Big ticket o' the day from a big bettor I run into on occasion when he comes to Vegas. Baseball moneyline underdog delivers again. @Covers

— Patrick Everson (@Covers_Vegas) April 15, 2018

Stuff You Guys Sent In And Stuff I Like:

@UniWatch @PhilHecken This fan got a Franklin, the Sixer’s mascot as a tattoo. However, he included the StubHub Patch…

— Blake Fox (@tennisblake) April 14, 2018

They say Papa John's is failing…I beg to differ

— Dan (@AtIantaDan) April 14, 2018

Guys being Dudes

— Big Cat (@BarstoolBigCat) April 14, 2018

you: how excited do you get for the NHL playoffs

— DL (@davelozo) April 14, 2018

Free Meek Mill shirts all over tonight in Philly ahead of 76ers game as grassroots effort to release the Philly born rapper from prison gets louder.

— Darren Rovell (@darrenrovell) April 14, 2018

The Warriors sngier threes better than any other team

(pic via @CBSSports) #DubNation

— Someone's An Idiot (@SomeonesAnIdiot) April 14, 2018


— VF Castro (@TheVFCastro) April 14, 2018

Pretty sure this isn't how baseball works

— ESPN Drunk (@EspnDrunk) April 14, 2018

New favorite golfer.

— Bunkie Perkins (@BunkiePerkins) April 14, 2018

Ever get the feeling you were being watched?

— CJ Fogler (@cjzero) April 14, 2018

Nothing quite like shitting out a goal… @MLS @awfulannouncing

— Fabian (@touchesinthebox) April 14, 2018