Richie Incognito Might Not Be Retired After All
You probably saw the news earlier in the week that Richie Incognito was officially hanging them up and retiring. He saw some doctors who told him his organs were apparently in bad shape, so he said was done and confirmed it multiple times in interviews.

That came about a week after he fired his agents right out in public for everyone to see on Twitter. It was a weird off-season for Richie, with him taking a major pay cut after a Pro Bowl season leading to him firing his agents, which eventually led to him retiring.

Then last night he hopped on Twitter once again, and now it sure looks like he might not be retiring after all. He hit up the Bills PR account and let them know he’ll be in Monday morning for off-season workouts.
This is where it gets weirder. Fast forward to this morning and now he’s asking to be released. But who knows how serious it is. I honestly don’t know what’s going on here.
Weird stuff all around. So maybe Richie is retired? Or maybe he’ll be back in the Bills facility on Monday? Or maybe even a free agent come next week? Who the hell knows.

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