Florida Woman On Probation For DUI Gets DUI, Takes A Leak All Over Back Of Cop Car

Mccall Leduc clearly DGAF and I mean really DGAF because she now has two DUIs and is just 20 years old. In the latest DUI she found a way to go viral which means future employers will know she (allegedly) took a leak all over the back of a cop’s car. But since Mccall DGAF, I guess she won’t be worrying about those consequences.


From ClickOrlando.com:

Oviedo police said they received a call at 1:26 a.m. about a woman driving a red Mazda near Hagerty High School who was intoxicated. Police found Mccall Leduc, 20, sitting on the curb near her car parked at the Oviedo Fire Station 48.

Police said they found a bottle of vodka in the Mazda’s front seat and jar containing marijuana in the back seat. Leduc was taken into custody for possession of marijuana and possession of alcohol by someone under 21 years old.

During the time of her arrest, Seminole County records show Leduc was on probation for a DUI in March, according to police.

Police said when Leduc was placed into the backseat of the patrol vehicle, she slipped her handcuffs. When police opened the back door they noticed she had urinated in the back seat and “spread her urine all over the rear of my vehicle,” according to the arrest report.

I don’t even know what you call this new generation of DGAFers, but they obviously don’t care about authority when they’re drunk at 1:26 a.m. That said, Mccall seems to be the chick you want to party with at 20. Just getting ripped AF. And she fishes. See below.

Mccall and the cops seem to be keeping in touch quite often:

166$ later … pic.twitter.com/2eln5idj9v

— Mccall Leduc (@mccallduck) March 19, 2018

#nofilter 🌸 pic.twitter.com/oEUQSuFaA3

— Mccall Leduc (@mccallduck) February 10, 2018

I️ can offficialy say I’m heartless took me 20 years to realize people suck

— Mccall Leduc (@mccallduck) April 6, 2018

just stuntin on my ex bitch😂 pic.twitter.com/7wdEsM9Kjv

— Mccall Leduc (@mccallduck) November 13, 2017

Catch and release🌎♻️ pic.twitter.com/eNKZRSXoBN

— Mccall Leduc (@mccallduck) May 9, 2017

Pretty sure this is how a Florida Woman turns into a legit Internet Florida Woman:

And your an irrelevant ghetto bitch who doesn’t know the whole story so fuck outta here hoe

— Mccall Leduc (@mccallduck) April 4, 2018