Ruthless Yankees Fans Booed The Hell Out Of Giancarlo Stanton

Beating the Tampa Bay Rays and watching Didi Gregorius knock in eight runs apparently wasn’t enough to satisfy Yankees fans on their Opening Day. Just ask Giancarlo Stanton, who was mercilessly booed after striking out five times in his home debut.
Clearly everyone was expecting to be treated to fireworks via the home run, because they really let him have it after his golden sombrero:

And once again after the rare platinum sombrero (note the score):

It goes without saying but Yankees fans don’t deserve anything nice. Giancarlo is coming off a series against the Blue Jays in which he reached base eight times and hit two home runs. Maybe cut the superstar Derek Jeter gifted your team some slack?
Fun fact: That was the first five-strikeout game in Giancarlo’s life. He’ll probably remember it!

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