Kevin Kiermaier Is Going To Cover Himself in Vaseline To Deal With Cold NY Weather


There may not be snow at Yankee Stadium today, but you better believe it’s still cold as hell. 39 degrees with rain to be specific, so we can’t blame Rays outfielder Kevin Kiermaier for going all out to keep himself warm.

Obviously long sleeves and those caps with the earflaps are in order, but Kevin is going another level to deal with the wind chill — vaseline! The Tampa Bay Times’ Mark Topkin tweeted this very important development:

The Athletic’s Lindsey Adler confirmed the Gold Glover is serious about the vaseline, and apparently got the idea from other players:

Update: He’s not going to wear Vaseline after all. Boo.

People seem to think Opening Day at Yankee Stadium will happen today, but a rain delay is expected so Kiermaier might not have to deal with the elements until tonight… when it’s colder!

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