Who Knew Josh McCown Was This Filthy On The Basketball Court?

Are we sure Josh McCown is playing the right sport? I’m pretty sure the Knicks need a guy who can straight up get buckets and based on this 13-second video, it appears that is all Josh McCown does. Buckets for days. That first play of the clip – the ol’ Rajon Rondo fake behind-the-back pass – might have been the filthiest play I’ve seen in 2018. This is nerdy white QB Josh McCown we’re talking about. The same guy who made that weird anti-porn PSA a few years back.
All I’m saying is that this a curveball of epic proportions. I know McCown is a professional athlete who’s had a long, solid career in the NFL with about 25 different teams, but I was NOT expecting him to be crossing fools on the hardwood and catching oops like it’s his day job. He was dunking on guys! Josh McCown! Where the hell did this come from?

Now I’m seeing that this video is from 2014 at a charity event when he was still playing for Tampa, but somehow just got picked up by the internet yesterday. The point still remains. Josh McCown can hoop. Is he still dunking on people in 2018? Probably not, but this is a win for the white guys out there.

Also…keep getting them checks McCown!

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