Jenna Jameson Chimes In On Who She Thinks The Browns Should Take At #1

If it feels like we’ve been talking about the 2018 NFL draft and who should go #1 for months at this point, you’d be totally right. The NFL has learned how to drag this thing out for as long as possible. And guess what? We still have another month to go! That’s a good 30+ more days of people talking about arm strength and culture fits and stock up/stock down even though nothing has really changed.
We’ve gotten to the point now where there’s not really much left to say. There’s only so many ways that Mel Kiper can drool over Josh Allen’s stature. So we’ve resorted to outside opinions to get a fresh angle on the draft. We know what the pundits think, let’s get outside the sports world for a second.

Our old friend Reflog, who you might remember organized the incredible Browns perfect season parade in January, finally got the opinion we all needed last night when he slid into Jenna Jameson’s mentions. Jenna’s living the domestic mom life hard right now (seriously, go take a gander at her IG), but she still had time to answer an important Browns question — who should they take at #1?

Now keep in mind, there have been reports that Sam Darnold to Cleveland a #1 is essentially a lock after Wednesday’s pro day. But you know what they say, nothing is official until you get inside of that war room. Anything can change.
So who does Jenna have?

Wow. Maybe Kiper has been right all along.
We’re still waiting on the answer for who they should go with at #4. Is she saying take Josh Allen in both slots? I gotta say that would be a very Browns thing to do.

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Johnny Manziel Spotted At A&M-Michigan Game Wearing A Manziel A&M Jersey