Arizona Teacher Brittany Zamora Accused Of Having Sex With 13-Year-Old Student

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Here we go again with a female teacher throwing it all away to (allegedly) get it in with a student. This time it’s Brittany Zamora and a 13-year-old boy who were doing the normal routine you expect out of these type of stories. The big news here is that Zamora’s husband, according to court documents, requested that the victim’s father meet up with him so they could “settle this.”

Uh bro, your wife was (allegedly) getting banged by a student. You might want to settle that with her via a divorce.


“The text messages found are sexual in nature that allege an ongoing relationship between the two,” said Lisa Kutis with the Goodyear Police Department.

Kutis said the parents of the 13-year-old alleged victim used an app to monitor his phone.

“As a result of an app, which alerted the parents to some keywords, they then checked the cell phone and discovered these text messages,” Kutis said.

The parent told the principal about the incident, and the principal called the police.

“They froze different screens off the student’s phone,” said Interim Superintendent Dr. Richard Rundhaug, speaking of the alleged victim’s parents. “We made arrangements for the teacher to come to school today for a meeting with the principal, and the arrest took place before that meeting could take place,” Rundhaug said.

Here are the crazy court documents:

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