Virginia Tech Fan Arrested For Spending $4,500+ On A Prostitute, Cops Allege

Wow, they really take their prostitution serious down in West Virginia where a man can’t show up to the police department and complain that he’s having trouble with his prostitute. Times sure are changing in WV. Here I thought a guy could go to the fuzz and say he’s having girl problems and needs a little help.
But, as we all know, these hoes ain’t loyal and this time one of them got Joshua Brown, 33, of Narrows, Va.
From the Bluefield Daily Telegraph:

“I was working another case, about 4 a.m. and Mr. Bowman came in to state that he and a female had an argument and that she was going to turn him in to the police,” Fox said. “Through further investigation, he stated he had met her in February and over a month he had given her over $4,500.”
Fox said Bowman stated he was paying for her bills and groceries. “But they did have sexual intercourse,” Fox said. “She is a known prostitute to us. He was charged with solicitation of prostitution. He was arrested today. After further investigation and going through text messages, it was clearly evident what was going on.”

Woah, wait just a minute. So Josh goes to the police, seems to confess to giving some chick money so he could get some tail and they arrest him for blowing through $4,500? This has to be thrown out of court. If I’m the judge here, the crime is that he blew through that amount of money in a month or two. Think of how far that kind of money stretches in Nowhere, Virginia.
And now where does Josh turn to get laid? Pray for this man.


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