Good News For Lainie Fritz Fans…She's Covering Texas A&M-Michigan

I think Lainie Fritz was at about 7,600 Twitter followers on Monday when I hit Publish on a Lainie Fritz post. One thing led to another and now Lainie is heading towards 8,200 with no slow down in sight. Now I see that Maxim this morning has jumped on the Fritz wagon. Houston might be out of the tournament via that miracle shot from Michigan, but that doesn’t mean Lainie’s tourney is over.
Of course KPRC 2 Houston had no choice but to put her on a flight to LA this week to cover Texas A&M-Michigan (Thursday, 7:37 ET). It’s not very often that one of your sports reporters is on a social media heater like this. Lainie has gone national. This is when you clean up locally.

Guys, this isn’t a first for Uncle BC. We can take unknown sports reporters & get them hired by a major national chain in a matter of days. Don’t think for a second that there aren’t corporate guys from the big nationals who don’t pay attention to BC. They’re looking and hiring — minus ESPN, they seem to be scared to hire hot women these days. Their whole social justice thing got so far out of control that now it’s taboo to hire women like Lainie.

Watch…Lainie’s going to mess around and get a job at Stadium, which will lead to CBSSN, which will lead to a job with FS1. I’ve seen this too many times. This is how it all works.
BTW, Lainie is out here hustling. From basketball straight into NFL free agency signings.

Sports Reporter Lainie Fritz Had A Breakout Weekend At The Big Dance
Sports Reporter Lainie Fritz Had A Breakout Weekend At The Big Dance
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