Meet Eric Musselman's Wife Danyelle Sargent

So it’s safe to assume that Nevada’s Eric Musselman is the breakout star of the NCAA Tournament, right? Yes. The underdogs have been fun, but Eric is out here leading Nevada to thrilling victories and appropriately celebrating by dropping all the F-bombs for the world to hear:

Apparently this goes back to his CBS days if you believe this story:

F-bombs aside Eric has Nevada in the Sweet 16 for the first time since the 2004 season. ESPN’s Darren Rovell reports he has racked up an extra $20,000 thus far for his team’s triumphs in the first two rounds. He’ll try to keep the money train going Thursday against fellow tourney darling, Loyola.

Off the court, Eric is married to sports reporter Danyelle Sargent. She is a Florida State University alum and has worked for ESPN, Yahoo, Fox Sports, and NFL Network. In addition to those gigs, Danyelle also played a sports anchor on Comedy Central’s Onion SportsDome back in 2011.
Eric and Danyelle have one daughter (Mariah) together… you might have seen she’s already gone viral.
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