SI Swimsuit Model Brenna Huckaby Wins Gold, OJ’s Wild Confession Show & Hank Haney Breaks Down Tiger’s Swing

Tonight’s the night all the Twitter snowflakes won’t watch the NCAA women’s selection show. Shame on them. Equality will take a hit. Baseball nerds will get a Spring Training doubleheader. I find it incredible how little attention is put on spring baseball these days. I used to watch religiously just to see sunshine and people wearing shorts. This year I haven’t watched an inning of spring training. It feels odd.

SI swimsuit model Brenna Huckaby wins gold at Paralympics

Here it is…O.J. confession highlights…pretty vivid details from the ‘incident’

Lawrence, Kansas police department with March Madness tweet of the century

AHL goalie has now scored two goals this season

Hank Haney breaks down Tiger’s new swing

Here’s the guy who’ll probably end up owning the Panthers

Florida Man with sledgehammer prevents hit-and-run driver from getting away

Here’s Alaina from Virginia Tech

Bracket Guy Rolling Into The Office This Morning

Bracket Guy this morning at your job…his day to shine

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