19 NSFWBDs React To OJ's (Hypothetical) Confession Special

What might’ve happened that night. That’s what O.J. told the world during a 2006 interview that Fox billed as “lost tapes” that were suddenly found for broadcast. The interview was finally aired last night on Fox and the NSFWBDs were watching and reacting. The interview was supposed to be all hypothetical, but at times Orenthal goes first person and pretty much tells us how it all went down.
The BDs had some mixed reactions on this one. Many wish he’d shut the hell up about getting away with murder — they don’t seem to know this interview was taped in 2006.
Others don’t seem to like those who say O.J. was innocent for RTs.
It’s crazy to think it’s 2018 and media outlets are still making straight cash on those murders. So many specials over such a long period of time. You know how CNN and other media outlets run a story into the ground? It all started with the O.J. trial. Most of you weren’t even alive or able to comprehend 1994. What you’re seeing now comes from that era.

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