Watch This Seahawks Fan Burn His Richard Sherman Jersey For Some Reason

That was the message that Richard Sherman left for his coaches, teammates, and fans after he was released by Seahawks on Friday. It seemed pretty genuine if you ask me. Sure, there were some ups and downs with Sherman, but he did become one of the best players in franchise history, was the best player on one of the best defenses in this generation and helped win a Super Bowl.
Turns out you can’t please everyone. Even with all of those accolades, this ‘Hawks fan still torched his Sherman jersey after he signed with the 49ers yesterday. He calls him a traitor in the video. Remember, it was the Seahawks who released him.

Say you want about Sherman. Yeah, he can be a real dick sometimes, but that should be an opinion from all the other fan bases, not Seahawks fans. You guys should LOVE this guy. Obviously, most do and I’m still not sure this is a real reaction.Burning jerseys is so hot in the streets these days that it’s now way played out. You can’t trust anything on the internet, so I think this is just a lame attempt at getting attention.
I guess it worked because now I’m sitting here on a Sunday afternoon blogging about it.

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