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Here’s your latest Jonathan Martin update

I’m starting to think we all jumped the gun a little bit when everybody threw Richie Incognito under the bus for the whole “bullying” scandal. Now it seems like Richie was probably doing any normal meathead ballbusting and Martin couldn’t deal with it because he’s off his goddamn rocker. This is the latest from his creepy IG shotgun posted a few weeks back. From TMZ:

New disturbing details in the Jonathan Martin case … we’ve learned he was arrested with a cache of weapons including a loaded shotgun, knife and an ax — and had been threatening classmates for years.

TMZ Sports has obtained court documents filed after Martin was taken into custody on Feb. 23 after posting a cryptic photo on Instagram threatening old high school classmates and former NFL teammates.

Officials say they found Martin after getting a call about a “suicidal male with a gun” at a hospital in Glendale, CA.

He was placed on a 72-hour psychiatric hold because officials believed he was a possible danger to himself and others.

They searched his car and found a loaded 12-gauge shotgun, a large knife, an ax and a cell phone. A second shotgun was found at his parents’ home.

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