This Doesn't Look Like A Bama Fan Who Would Try To Smuggle Cocaine Into Jail Via A Bible

I’ve covered hundreds of Bama fans getting arrested, but I’ve never heard of a Bama fan (allegedly) gluing pages of a Bible together to create envelopes to carry cocaine into a jail facility. Never even thought of something as wild as that, but then again I’ve never been in a jail visiting an inmate, so of course I’d never think of such a thing.
Enter Jolona Nicole Lambert…(allegedly) a drug mule.
From Fox 13:

A Corinth woman found herself in an unholy situation after she brought a Bible with cocaine to the Alcorn County jail, the sheriff said.
Jolona Nicole Lambert glued pages together and put the cocaine in between. She then tried to bring it into the jail, but was stopped.
It is not clear how much cocaine the sheriff said she put between the pages, or the size of the Bible.
She was arrested and charged with introduction of contraband into a correctional facility, according to the sheriff.

Turns out Jolona seems to really be into the Bible. Not sure why she wouldn’t use a profile pic:

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